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Frequently called numbers

Emergency medical services
Dispatch - 24-hour emergency
Emergency Measures Organization
24 Hour Service 867-667-5220
Emergency toll free 1-866-985-6636
During business hours 1-800-661-0408
Report wild fires 1-888-798-3473 (FIRE)
Current road conditions 511
Government of Yukon general inquiries 867-667-5811?or 867-667-5812
Community Services
General inquiries 867-667-5811 or 867-667-5812

Professional licensing and regulatory affairs - general inquiries

Corporate Affairs - General inquiries 867-667-5314

Employment Standards and Residential Tenancies - General inquires

Property assessment and taxation 867-667-5268
General inquiries 867-667-5141
Advanced Education 867-667-5131
Yukon College 867-668-8800
Energy Mines and Resources
General inquires 867-667-3130
Library - General inquiries reference desk 867-667-3111
Land Management Branch - General land inquiries 867-667-5215
General inquiries 867-667-5652
Turn in Poachers and Polluters Line (TIPP) 1-800-661-0525
Executive Council Office

Main administration building inquiry desk

867-667-5811 or

Cabinet Office reception 867-667-5800
General inquiries 867-667-5343
Accounts payable(operations) 867-667-5350
Accounts receivable 867-667-3551
Health and Social Services
trang cá cược uy tínComplete services directory
Whitehorse Health Centre 867-667-8864
Adult Health Service
General inquiries 867-667-5674
Insured health (cards and inquiries) 867-667-5209
Medical travel 867-667-5203
Highways and Public Works
General inquiries 867-667-5811
Procurement support centre 867-667-5385
Transportation maintenance 867-667-5644
Motor vehicles 867-667-5315
General inquiries 867-667-5811
Court services 867-667-5441
Electronic receptionist 867-667-5441
Land Titles Office 867-667-5612
Offender Supervision and Services (adult probation) 867-667-5231
Legal Aid 867-667-5210
Public Service Commission
General inquiries and reception 867-667-5653
Tourism and Culture
Reception and general inquiries 867-667-5036
Visitor Information Centre 867-667-3084
Yukon Development Corporation 867-456-3995
Yukon Housing Corporation 867-667-5759
Yukon Hospital Corporation
Whitehorse Hospital switchboard 867-393-8700
Watson Lake Community Hospital switchboard 867-536-4444
Dawson City Community Hospital switchboard 867-993-4444
Yukon Workers' Compensation Health and Safety Board
General inquiries and after-hour emergencies 867-667-5645
Toll free inquires 1-800-661-0443